Insurance Companies

Why Choose us
Cellvage’s business solutions to the Insurance Industry are delivering significant benefits to Insurance Companies, Underwriting Management Agencies, and Administration Houses in South Africa.

Insurance providers choose Cellvage’s all-encompassing service offering for 3 essential reasons:


Cellvage believes that the provision of our services brings forth environmental and socio-economic benefits. “Irreparable” devices are “recycled” instead of dumped, thus following our “Reincarnation for electronics” philosophy. Socio-economically, we assist in closing the gap between higher and lower LSM’s through the resale of newly refurbished devices to the population.


With almost four decades of experience, collectively in the Insurance and Electrical & Mechanical Industries, working with mobile and other electronic devices, the Cellvage team holds the expertise ensuring a solid platform for a niche service offering.


Cellvage specialises in the salvage of electronic equipment with core focus on mobile phones, tablet devices, laptops and Apple accessories Devices deemed “irreparable” by the Insurance provider are collected by a Cellvage representative, and removed. Major Insurance industry players draw benefit from flexible deal structures, driven by higher volumes and hence better returns per unit.

our Services
Cellvage’s full service offering pertains to the salvage of all types of electronic equipment – all Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Smart Devices & Tablets, iPods, Watches & Laptops.

  1.  Removal of unwanted equipment
  2.  Procurement of the electronic devices regardless of their condition
  3.  A complementary source of revenue through a tailored pricing structure
  4.  Corporate Social Responsibility
  5.  Value-added service to your clients
  6.  Post Claims Auditing driving supplier efficiencies
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